[ APPLICATIONS CLOSED ] The Circle - A cross-industry program for entrepreneurs & freelancers in Italy, Spain and Romania

[ APPLICATIONS CLOSED ] Applications open! 60 participants will learn to build resilience through a blend of entrepreneurial skills, creative thinking and digital know-how. The Circle is a European Erasmus+ program with online and offline learning circles, hosted by each partner: Matera Hub in Italy, Impact Hub Madrid in Spain and Zitec and Impact Hub Bucharest in Romania.

The Circle is a response to a very disruptive 2021, that hurt individuals and businesses and brought the need for creative thinking & wellbeing to the forefront of societal resilience.  

We are very proud to be part of the organising team in this international EU program and to bring into our community the powerful resources, know how and people of the 4 program partners: Matera Hub in Italy, Impact Hub Madrid in Spain and Zitec and Impact Hub Bucharest in Romania.

In a current global skill structure that has proven to lack innovative capacity, resilience, and quality in disruptive times, The Circle brings together 30 creative participants and 30 general business participants to upgrade their resilience by building digital, creative and sustainability skills and allow cross-fertilization. All details and applications on the project website


  • Gain entrepreneurial know-how | Learn to make your business sustainable 
  • Learn creative problem solving | Frameworks to apply in business and in life 
  • Upgrade your digital skills | Tools to digitalise your business and workflow 
  • Travel and build powerful international partnerships in 3 EU countries 


30 general business, services & products participants 

  • business owners 
  • aspiring entrepreneurs 
  • social innovators 
  • professionals & managers 
  • service providers, techies & more 
  • the list is open to many more 

30 participants from arts, culture & creativity fields 

  • creative freelancers 
  • creative business owners 
  • aspiring entrepreneurs 
  • cultural & social projects 
  • artists & cultural managers 
  • the list is open to many more 


If you’re in the creative industry: you’ll learn from mentors and peers to command your creativity and build structure into it for more sustainability in your work. You’ll practice entrepreneurial, creative and digital skills to clarify your strategy, diversify your financial pillars, amplify and measure your impact and be a stronger leader for the allies joining you in your mission. 

If you’re outside the creative industry: you’ll gain cross-sector insight from 3 countries and use them to build more creative & innovative solutions into your work, for long term sustainability. You’ll practice new entrepreneurial and digital skills, learn to unlock your innate creativity and to collaborate more smoothly with the creatives you recruit to help you reach your goals. 


Sinteza Octombrie | Încă 12 programe și finanțări la care poți aplica

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  • Oct 3rd 2021 | Registrations close. Apply here
  • Oct-Dec 2021 | 3 pre-program webinars. Practicing entrepreneurial & digital skills 


  • Jan-Feb 2022 | The cross-country travellers are chosen
  • Apr 2022 | 1st learning circle - 15 people, 5 days in Bucharest - IHB 
  • May 2022 | 2nd learning circle - 15 people, 5 days in Matera - Matera
  • Jun 2022 | 3rd learning circle - 15 people, 5 days in Madrid - IHM
  • Jul 2022 | 4th learning circle - 15 people, 5 days in Bucharest - Zitec
  • Oct-Dec 2022 | 4 online reconnecting workshops. Peer-sharing, co-creation, collective problem solving and “barn raising” 


  • Nov 2022 - Jan 2023 | 3 physical public events, hosted by each country
  • Feb 2023 | Online festival - The final dissemination event, public to the world!


The Entrepreneurial Kits x2 

Generalist & Creative Versions | A set of guides, tools and templates to build financial and social sustainability – clarify your strategy, diversify your revenue streams, reach international markets and lead with purpose & impact. 

The Creative Kits x2 

Generalist & Creative Versions | A guideline to bring structure in creativity and creativity in structure – force innovative business solutions on demand, learn to collect actionable feedback and improve creative/non-creative collaborations. 

The Digital Kits x2 

Generalist & Creative Versions | Checklists, tools and know how to digitise your flow – optimise your processes, get better results from e-commerce and overcome feeling overwhelmed by digital ads. 

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