Uncovering Your True Self and Purpose - Personal Values

We begin the series of self-paced videos for the Self-leadership course with Module One: Uncovering your True Self and Purpose.

We're going to cover

  • What are personal values and why are they important
  • How personal values look like​
  • How to use personal values during times of conflict​
  • What to be aware of when it comes to values​
  • Action: Identify your values in 3 simple steps​

Some takeaways from the video 

What Is a ​Personal Value

Personal values look like this:

Personal Values mean:

  • How you differentiate between “good” and “bad”.
  • What you view as the ideal standards of behavior.
  • How you interact with the world.
  • What is meaningful to you or what makes you feel unsatisfied.
  • What can cause social cohesion, but also conflict.

What to be mindful of

  • Core values can change and evolve.
  • Some values can hold you back or hurt your relationships.
  • Values that are “outdated” should be reconsidered.
  • Core values can be found in things that irritate you the most.
  • Values need to be tested in order to prove their meaning.

What To Do​ During Conflict

How to use values during conflict

  • List your values and find their order.
  • Identify competing values that conflict between them.
  • Choose wisely which value to honor first.
  • List your values and the ones of the “other side”.
  • Identify which values are butting heads as opposites.
  • Choose an alternative path that honors both values.​

Identify Your Values ​in 3 Simple Steps

How to identify your OWN values​

1. Brainstorm the question "What's important to me in life?“.​

2. If it's something you can do or have, ask "What does that give me?“.​

3. Narrow down to a top 5, asking “Which one I can’t do without?”.​

“Be Yourself!​ Everyone else is taken.” - Oscar Wilde​

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