Overcoming Fears & Limiting Beliefs - Resilience

We continue the series of self-paced videos for Module Two - Overcoming Fears & Limiting Beliefs - with Resilience.

We're going to cover:

  • What is resilience and why is it important​
  • Which are the 6 domains of resilience​
  • Action: How to know if you are resilient enough​
  • What to be aware of when it comes to resilience​
  • Action: Build resilience with the ABCDE method​

Resilience means:

  • The process & the outcome of adapting to difficult life experiences
  • A set of behaviors, skills, and beliefs that you can grow over time
  • A psychological ability to cope with a crisis, not to skip it
  • The mental, emotional & behavioral flexibility to come back to shape
  • Simply advancing through adversity, based on strengths & support

The 6 domains of resilience​

  • Vision: purpose & meaning, goals, alignment, priorities
  • Composure: stress management, emotional awareness, calm & in control, mindfulness
  • Reasoning: introspection, resourcefulness, prevention & planning, adaptation
  • Tenacity: persistence, bounce back, motivation, realistic optimism
  • Collaboration: good relations, social confidence, support networks, trust & teamwork
  • Health: sleep quality, exercise habits, nutrition habits, health views & goals

How to know if you’re resilient enough


  • Suppressing or avoiding emotions is NOT resilience.
  • Keep yourself flexible, but don’t stretch too far.
  • Comparison steals the uniqueness of the journey.
  • Perfection is the enemy of “good enough”.​
  • It’s okay to know when enough resilience is enough.

How to build resilience with the ABCDE method​

1. Which Adversity are you facing?

2. What are your Beliefs related to that adversity?​

3. Which Consequences take place?​

4. How do I really know this is true?​

5. What could I say to myself instead, to be more supportive?​

“Calm seas never made ​a skilled sailor.” - Franklin Roosevelt​

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