Checklist – documents a newly established company should have

You've just received your company papers, you got down to business and want to focus on growth. But, first and foremost, you should make sure that you are ready to do so from an administrative point of view and have all the documents up to date (mandatory in case of an inspection). Please find below a list of the essential documents.

Regardless of your company profile and NACE codes under which it operates, there are a number of documents that you need to pay attention to and make sure that you always have them handy. Here is the list:  

1. Inspection Register (Registrul Unic de Control - RUC) 

Within 30 days as of its establishment, the company must acquire an Inspection Register. It will be used to register all the inspections carried out by the (tax, sanitary, labor/consumer protection, etc.) authorities. Before starting the inspection, the representatives of such authorities shall write down in the register various information, such as: the full name of the inspector, the authority they are the representative of, the number of their inspection ID, the number and date of their inspection order, the objectives, the period and the legal basis of the inspection. 

They shall first review the previous inspection entries in the register. If necessary, at the end of the inspection, the representatives of the authorities will have to identify the infringements and enforce the applicable sanctions.  

An Inspection Register shall be present both at the registered office as well as at every business unit of the company. If the register is not purchased by the expiry of the 30 days deadline, the fine is RON 500. 

2. Goods Received Notes (GRN) 

If your company trades goods, GRNs will have to be prepared for the goods purchased for resale and they will be attached to the invoices received from the suppliers. GRNs are supporting documents used for the receipt of purchased goods (commodities) certifying registration of the incoming goods in the company’s stock. Practically, when the goods arrive from the supplier, GRNs must be prepared based on the invoices or waybills for every category of purchased products.   

The GRNs can be filled in completed by the acceptance committee or the company's stock manager and generally include the following information: 

  • entity name, 

  • name, number and date (day, month and year) of the form, 

  • number of the invoice or waybill, 

  • item number, name of goods received, U/M, 

  • quantity according to the accompanying documents, 

  • received quantity, 

  • unit purchase price and total value, 

  • the full name and signature of the members of the acceptance committee, for the acceptance of goods received directly from the supplier or the date of the entry into stock and the signature of the stock manager in case of any discrepancies, 

  • the selling price and value at selling price, for retail units. 

3. Employee documents 

If you have employees, all their documents will have to be filled in to date: the employment agreement shall be drawn up after the occupational health checkup is done, and then individual files shall be prepared for each and every employee. The employee files are requested by the Territorial Labor Inspectorate (ITM) representatives at any inspection. Individual Employment Agreements must be reported to the ITM at least one day before the actual start of the employment. 

You will also need an Internal Regulation - a legal document of the employer, drawn up after consulting with the trade union or the employees’ representatives, where various rules, mainly disciplinary, applicable at the workplace, are established. 

4. Official public information displayed on the company's website 

If you have a website, you must mention the name of the company, its legal form, registered office address, number with the Trade Register, Tax Code (CUI), but also its share capital. 


• Track your registered office expiration date 

Don't forget that if your registered office has an expiration date, your company may be declared inactive and your VAT code (if any) may be canceled. This can result in blockages in the financial and contractual activity of the company. Furthermore, your collaboration with your business partners can be seriously affected by such obstacles. 

  • Pay attention to the VAT threshold 

If you estimate that the company turnover will exceed RON 300,000 during the year of establishment of the company, it is important to decide whether you want to register for VAT purposes from the very beginning or you want to wait until you reach the exemption ceiling. 

Documents you must have at hand and up to date in case of a tax audit from ANAF (National Agency of Fiscal Administration) 

In addition to the up-to-date accounting records, you must have the following documents: 

  1. Company documents - you need a copy of the Tax Code/Registration Certificate and of the confirmation of company details issued by the Trade Register Office, which basically authorizes the main scope of business of the company. 

  2. Inspection Register (Registrul Unic de Control - RUC) 

  3. Personnel files / Employee records: individual employment agreements, time sheets, payroll 

  4. Cash register (expenses and collections) up to date 

  5. Proof of the existence of the goods (only in case of the start of the inspection)  

The inspection can be initiated by ANAF bodies, the Economic Police, etc. In order to prove the existence of the goods, the Stock Register shall be presented, a document that serves to evaluate the stocks of goods and to check for any inconsistencies between the entries of the stock sheets and the ones of the accounting records.  

6. Other documents that will be requested by the inspectors and that can be made available by the deadline specified by the inspectors  

However, the inspectors may request many other documents, depending on the type of inspection, the taxpayer's risk analysis or the type of activity the company carries out. For further information access the ANAF website .   

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