Use cases and best practices for digital transformation

In thihs article, you will discover some examples to help you understand the impact of implementing such strategies. We gathered some best practices from major players in different industries.


Tesla has made all of their patents for electric vehicles available for free. Two reasons: to speed up the market and to establish their technology as the industry standard. Following in their footsteps were Ford (electric), BMW (electric), and Toyota (hydrogen). 


Parts for GE's new Leap Engine are being manufactured utilizing 3D printing. As a result, 19 components may now be printed in a single print. 5 times more powerful. GE expects to invest $3.5 billion in additive manufacturing by 2020. 

Caterpillar and Uptake

Caterpillar and Uptake (a data analytics startup) are working together to develop "predictive diagnostics" tools for Caterpillar's customers, which will take the mountains of data generated by bulldozers and hydraulic shovels and turn it into useful information that will help Caterpillar's customers catch potential maintenance issues before they happen, reducing downtime. 


Predix was introduced by GE as an industrial internet cloud solution for predictivity solutions that can monitor locomotives, gather data on heat and vibration, and anticipate when maintenance or components replacement is required. (GE produced $1 billion in value in 2014). 


BASF developed a mobile web platform that allowed for the computerized diagnosis of plant diseases in the field. To treat the damaged plants, a direct link between the most relevant BASF products and the illness is established. In South America, upsales resulted in significant growth. 


As the first stage in their Augmented Reality journey, DHL successfully completed a pilot project testing smart glasses at a warehouse in the Netherlands. The technology was utilized to establish 'vision picking' in warehouse operations in collaboration with DHL customer Ricoh and top wearable computing solutions specialist Ubimax. 

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