Intro Scale-Up | What you will learn in this module

Now that you're up and running, have a growing team, and offer a product or service that others need, you're ready to take it to the next level. And this stage brings about a lot of options and possible paths to follow. All you have to do is identify the ones that offer what you think is best for you.

Once you have read this chapter you will know how to: 

  • Manage better the challenges of accelerated growth  

  • Identify opportunities for development and customer retention  

  • Optimize the costs of your business, but also the prices you charge, in your turn   

  • Identify the financial-banking instruments that are suitable for you   

Here are the topics you will learn about in this chapter: 

#Focus: costs and prices   

Before making any investment decisions, it's good to have a comprehensive perspective on the operating costs, on the one hand, and on the prices you charge, on the other. Both can make you more profitable and more scalable, including in terms of figures.   

#Accelerated growth challenges   

What to expect when you are in an accelerated growth process and how you can anticipate dilemmas or possible crises.   

#Customer base development   

From tapping into new markets to turning customer experience into a competitive advantage - discover the options you have to reach as many people as possible who need your product or service.  

#Cash flow  

How to make sure you have it under control and what indicators to follow to make sure no unforeseen situations destabilize you.   

#Financial-banking tools for a solid business  

"You have unlocked a new level". Even if your challenges are greater now, it's important for you to remember that you have more options to solve them. Such as useful financial-banking tools, which can get you out of a deadlock when you want to grow. 

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