Intro Entrepreneurial mindset | What you will learn in this module

Every start-up can access different accelerated growth opportunities and tools: from resorting to experienced resource-people, to learning about business or dedicated programs. In this chapter we will explain in detail how to choose them and how to get more clarity in your own strategy.

Once you have read this chapter you will know how to:  

  • use tools that help you achieve clarity  
  • make a learning strategy about business and entrepreneurship  
  • choose wisely between different types of support such as consulting, coaching or mentoring  
  • choose the type of program that best suits your business 

Here are the topics you will learn about in this chapter:   

#Clarity - why it's important and how to get it  

Especially in the beginning, when you explore all kinds of options and possibilities, you may find yourself in an "analysis paralysis" state - that means that you get caught between scenarios and emotions that prevent you from acting and reaching your goal. That's why you need clarity. In this chapter you will understand better why it is important and how to get it.  

#Consultancy, mentoring and coaching  

What the role of each of these tools is, how you can use them when you are an entrepreneur and how you know which one you actually need.  

#How a business mentor helps you  

When you find yourself stuck, the experience of another entrepreneur who has faced similar situations will be of great help to you. In this chapter you will also learn about what to expect when working with a mentor.  

#Acceleration tools  

If you want to grow, it's good to know what acceleration options are available to you: from strategic learning, to participating in programs and accessing the right funding at the right time. 

#Company governance 

Governance - the structure that runs a company - can influence the investments you want to make and your business development strategies. That's why it's great to get started with all the information related to what a healthy structure looks like.  

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