Intro | Why is entrepreneurial wellbeing important for creative entrepreneurs?

One of the most complicated aspects of ”creative entrepreneurship” is probably the second part of the expression. More specifically, balancing purpose and mission with sustainable business practices. Somehow, the general view is that there is a contradiction between the two. This e-course will help you settle this contradiction.

Because the truth is you need them both in order to build a sustainable project, that produces impact and contributes to the wellbeing of those involved and the people they serve. Creativity is meant to be seen, shared and used to make life more beautiful, to put it plainly. Unfortunately, this is one of the most affected areas of our ”normal” lives before the pandemic hit. 

Many creative businesses have suffered since the start of the pandemic, because most of them were left in a space of deep uncertainty and with very few apparent options they could use in order to deliver on their mission. Most of them had to radically rethink and rebuild their businesses and faced severe financial issues.  

And this is where entrepreneurial wellbeing comes in. Building a business that is mindful of its operational aspects along with its creative purpose is not only more resilient in times of great crisis, but also thrives in calm times – it has a greater impact, it reaches more people and puts a stronger mark on its community.  

So the contradiction we mentioned earlier is in fact just a stereotypical belief. There is actually no trade off between the two components.  

If you want to also build a sustainable creative business, then this course is definitely for you. Here are the topics we’ll talk about:  

  • How can Business Model Canvas help you in what you do – how you can use it, how others do and what you can learn from them  
  • What you should know about your business plan, as reflected by your canvas. Fun fact! We've also got a tool for you to use, edit and experiment   
  • How to make sure your creative efforts get the reward they deserve: what you need to know about monetization & pricing (how to set them, what to consider and what other creatives have shared with us about their own pricing process) 
  • How to lead people and how to lead yourself: how to develop the right mindset in order to work with others and meet the objectives you set  
  • What you need to know about expanding your business internationally: the first steps you need to make, things to watch for and the opportunities you should keep an eye on 
  • How to look differently at what you do: bringing together creativity, social impact & resilience in your creative business  


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