What you will learn in this module

Welcome! If you're here, you're probably pretty serious about starting your own business. Whether you already have an idea or haven't found the right one yet, this chapter will help you better understand what you need to get started, what knowledge you need, and how to set your expectations correctly.

Once you have read this chapter you will know how to:  

  • Identify specific skills useful in entrepreneurship and understand what mindset an entrepreneur typically has. 
  • Identify business ideas with sustainable growth potential more easily  
  • Build your business and monetization model  
  • Make financial projections and choose the right performance indicators 

Here are the topics you will learn about from the articles in this chapter: 

#Skills and mindset 

Are you curious to know what personality traits, mindset and skills are common in those who choose to become entrepreneurs? You will learn more about them and how they will help you in the process of building your own business.  


How business ideas are generated, where you can look for them and what business innovation entails.  

#Business model, business plan  

What the connection between the business model and the business plan is and how you can use such tools to take action. 

#Monetization & pricing strategy 

All the ways in which you can make money with your business, why the right price is not a competition, but a very important decision about you and your business and how you can make the right choices in this regard.  

#Financial projections 

How to calculate the impact of the investments you want to make and what the healthy way to plan them is. Bonus, a template to help you track your cash flow correctly. 

#Results measurement 

Don't get lost in figures! How to track the right metrics and what important things they can show you.  

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