Use cases and best practices for digital marketing

Here are some examples of how other companies use digital marketing.


Founded in France in 1976, Decathlon Group is the world's largest sporting goods retailer with more than 1,500 stores in more than 49 countries. Decathlon's main mission is to make sport accessible to as many people as possible. 

Zitec partnership with Decathlon Romania consists in developing and implementing their performance marketing strategy, with the goal of raising their online sales and sustain store visits. We are also working on Decathlon’s loyalty strategy and implementation. 

Revenue up by 21.5%  

  • 21.5% increase in revenue  

  • 28.6% increase in transactions  

  • 35.6% increase in new users 



TechSoup equips changemakers with transformative technology solutions and skills they need to improve lives globally and locally. They have partnered with 70 of the world's leading civil society organizations to improve lives globally through the use of technology. 

TechSoup interacts on a daily basis with thousands of organizations through their website, through content, products and services. We contribute to the acquisition of new clients by creating and implementing the digital strategy across multiple touchpoints in the customer journey.  

Revenue up by 43%  

  • 55.75% increase in transactions  

  • 32.13% reduction in bounce rate 

  • 21.42% increase of CTR 


iELM was founded in 2013 in Sweden. iELM started as a family business that designs and manufactures clothing in a limited edition and aims to dress kids in unique garments at the right price. Now, they’re selling in 14 countries across Europe and North America. 

Expanding iELM’s children fast-fashion business in 14 countries by building a successful e-commerce project that helps international expansion, through end-to-end services: software development, 3rd party integrations, digital marketing strategy, business consultancy and cloud computing. 

Revenue up by 71%  

  • 71% increase in sales on all countries  

  • 22% increase in ROAS 


OTP Leasing 

OTP Leasing Romania is a financial leasing company, with over 10 years of experience, known for the financial leasing solutions adapted for every business sector in Romania. 

OTP Leasing had two big challenges: creating a social media presence and increasing the number of clients that could be converted via online channels. We successfully implemented strategies for both of these objectives, alongside growing their brand through other digital marketing tools (SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing & Performance Marketing). 

  • Users on Site up by 260%  
  • 57% increase in direct traffic  

  • 38% increase organic traffic  

  • 15% conversion rate (there was no previous measurement of this in Google Analytics) 

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