Intro Marketing & Sales | What you will learn in this module

What you offer through your business is more complex than the functionality of the product - which is "made whole" by the way it is communicated and promoted from the beginning. It’s also about what the product looks like and how it is placed on the market, how you present it to the customers and how you deliver the promised value - you will learn all about this here.

Once you have read this chapter you will know how to:   

  • Define your audiences and what relevant content you can create for them; 

  • Identify the concrete tools and tactics to use for promotion;  

  • Communicate coherently and relevantly about your product or service;  

  • Communicate better in times of crisis; 

  • Sell your product correctly. 

Here are the topics you will learn about from the articles in this chapter/module:   


What do you tell people about it? A well-told story inspires, mobilizes and sticks in the minds of those who hear it.   


The right decisions are made after you gather and interpret the data relevant to your business. It will be easier for you to find opportunities and niches if you do your research thoroughly.   


It's important to have a marketing and sales strategy right from the start - this way you'll reach the customers that are relevant to you, in a way that's relevant and useful for them and effective for your business.   

#Media: traditional & digital   

Facebook Ads, campaigns with influencers or press releases: understood correctly and planned at the right time, they can help you reach customers, investors or partners to help you grow. Until you get around to creating a dedicated team for this, you have a lot of tools and tips&tricks to put into practice.   


Outlining your sales strategy and how you build a relationship with the people who buy what you have to offer.  


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