Intro Product-market-fit | What you will learn in this module

That's it, it's not a problem, it's not a matter of time. It's talking to the possible uses, seeing what problems they have and how you can better answer them with what you offer. Discover the steps!

Once you have read this chapter you will know how to:  

  • Use the right methods to test your solution   

  • Correctly identify problems and needs existing on the market   

  • Ask the right questions and use the right tools to understand your future customers   

  • Validate the solution you thought of   

Here are the topics you will learn about from the articles in this chapter/module:  

#Product development methodologies  

The working methods you can use to test your idea, how they differ, and what you can do to use them to their full innovation potential - both when you're starting out and along the way to develop other ideas and services.   

#Product-market fit  

Why is it important to develop a product that covers concrete needs, what the signs that the products is wanted by the market are and what an MVP - minimum viable product - actually is.   

#Identifying the problem and the right questions   

How to identify a problem and ask your potential customers the right questions so as to properly understand their needs and behaviors.  

#Validation of your product  

How do you know that your solution is a concrete one that helps customers in the way they need it: techniques, tips&tricks and aspects you have to pay more attention to.   

#Value proposition – guide and interactive tool  

How to clearly, concisely and simply articulate what benefits and differentiators your product has compared to others on the market: steps, support questions and examples.   

#Case studies  

What you can learn from the experiences of other Romanian entrepreneurs and their product-market fit journey. 

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