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  • What is digital wellbeing?

    What is digital wellbeing?

    The impact of technologies and digital services on people's mental, physical, and emotional health is known as digital wellbeing. One of the aspects in our digital capabilities framework is digital wellbeing - an aspect we should all pay more attention to, as way it impacts our lives is far more intricate than it generally seems.

  • Ideation in Design Thinking

    Ideation in Design Thinking

    Ideation is a creative process in which designers brainstorm ideas in groups (e.g., brainstorming, worst possible idea). In the Design Thinking process, it is the third step. In a supported, judgment-free setting, participants assemble with open minds to generate as many ideas as they can to answer a problem statement.

  • Tools for digital collaboration and communication

    Tools for digital collaboration and communication

    The fundamental component of the digital workplace is ccollaboration via mobile and social access is. Obviously, this has become an growing trend. Today's employees require more flexible work hours and locations, so the workplace is no longer viewed as a single entity.

  • Digital arts and culture | An overview

    Digital arts and culture | An overview

    Arts and technology have long had a symbiotic relationship. Artists have been able to express themselves more freely owing to technical advancements that have allowed them to adapt or create technology designed for other uses in order to aid the creative process.

  • How to digitize culture

    How to digitize culture

    Today's audience may stay up to date on cultural events and purchase tickets using digital technologies. Reading a newspaper or a novel, listening to music, or watching a movie online is becoming more frequent.