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When you access and navigate within the Staratarium platform, we can use cookies. Here you are below the information needed to inform you the details of placing, use and administering cookies used in the Startarium platform.

1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file, generally made up of letters and numbers, which is downloaded in a computer memory (or other equipment used for online navigation - mobile phone, tablet, etc.) when the user accesses a particular website.

Cookies are created when the browser used by a user displays a particular website. The website transmits information to your browser, and it creates a text file. Each time the user again accesses the website, the browser accesses and transmits this file to the website server. In other words, the cookie can be seen as an internet user identification card that announces the website every time the user turns on the site.

A cookie consists of 2 parts: the name and content or value of the cookie. The duration of a cookie is determined; Technically, only the web-server that has sent the cookie can access it again when a user turns on the website associated with the web-server.

Cookies themselves do not ask for personal information to be used and, in most cases, do not personally identify Internet users.

Există 2 categorii mari de cookie-uri:

    (i) Session Cookies: They are temporarily stored in the web browser cookies folder to memorize them until the user comes out of the web site or closes the browser window.
    (ii) Persistent cookies: They are stored on the hard drive of a computer or equipment and are activated again when you visit the site that created that specific cookie. Persistent cookies include those placed by another website than the user visiting the user at that time. These are known as 'Third Party Cookies' and third-party cookies.

2. The purpose of cookies

Cookies can provide a faster and easier interaction between users and websites. For example, when authenticating a user is authenticated on a particular website, authentication data is stored in a cookie; Subsequently, the user can access the site without having to authenticate again.

In other cases, cookies can be used for storing information on user activities on a particular web page so that it can easily resume those activities at a subsequent access of the site. Cookies tell the server which pages must show the user so that it does not have to remember this or navigate the entire site at the beginning. Thus, cookies can be assimilated to 'signs of book' that tell the user exactly where it remained at a website.

Cookies can also provide web sites to monitor online users' activities and to establish user profiles that can then be used for marketing purposes. For example, on the basis of cookies, products and services agreed by a user can be identified, this information subsequently serving in the transmission of adequate advertising messages to that user.

3. What is the life of a cookie?

The life of a cookie may vary significantly, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. Some cookies are aimed at a single use (such as the session cookies), therefore not maintained once the user leaves the site. Other cookies are maintained and reused each time the user returns to the site (persistent cookies). However, cookies can be deleted by the user at any time by using browser settings.

4. What are the cookies placed by third parties?

Some sections of contents of some sites can be provided through third-party cookies such as an advertisement. Such cookies can be placed on the site and are called third-party cookies as they are not placed by the site owner. Such third parties are in turn obliged to comply with the applicable legal regulations and privacy policies of the owner of that site.

5. Security and confidentiality issues

Cookies are not viruses! They use 'simple text' formats. They are not made up of pieces of code so they can not be executed, they can not self-run. Consequently, they can not duplicate or replicate on other networks to run or replicate again. Because they can not perform these functions, they can not be considered viruses.

Cookies can still be used for negative purposes. Because it stores information about users' preferences and history, both on a particular site and on several other sites, cookies can be used as a form of spyware. Many anti-spyware products are aware of this and constantly marks cookies to be deleted in anti-virus / anti-spyware deletion / scanning procedures.

In general, browsers have integrated privacy settings that provide different levels of cookie acceptance, shelf life and automatic erase after the user visited a particular site.

6. What types of cookies do we use in Startarium platform?

By accessing your Startarium website, the following types of cookies can be placed:

    a) Cookies strictly necessary for the website operation; Without these Startarium website cookies or Startarium website sections / functions you want to access can not work as designed (session cookie, cookie Vimeo to view videos, Facebook Cookie for Login with Facebook); At the same time, here we include registration cookies that notify us if you are registered or not and shows us the account with which you are registered;
    b) Functional cookies: These retain your preferences when navigating on this site; The use of these cookies allows us to offer you a personalized experience in the Startarium platform;
    c) Cookies Performance of the website: They analyze how users use the website and allow us to improve our services as well as measure the audience of website pages;

Thus, the cookies we use are:

  • 1. Cookies related to Google Analytics; They can identify the ID user. Types of cookies used:
    • _ga
    • _git
    • _gat
  • 2. Facebook cookies, When you log in the Startarium Facebook platform to allow you to connect to the platform. These cookies identify the user.
  • 3. Session cookies – Allow logging in Startarium platform. These cookies do not identify the user.
  • 4. Hotjar cookies – To analyze how users use the Startarium platform. These cookies could identify the user.
  • 5. Vimeo cookies – To analyze and view videos in the Startarium platform. They can identify the user.
  • 6. Facebook Pixels cookies – pentru îmbunătățirea comunicării și analize statistice.

7. How can you modify cookies settings?

Placing and using cookies under your agreement.

When accessing the Startarium website, we tell you that our platform uses cookies and we offer you the opportunity to get aware of the way we use these cookies as well as express your consent to the use of cookies As far as you are concerned (performance cookies, advertising cookies, functional cookies).

However, we will let you know that to use the Startarium platform, we need to use cookies in the strictly necessary category, otherwise you will not be able to use our website. We will also be able to use without your express cookies that keep your anonymity or identify you in terms of personal data legislation.

Deleting cookies through your browser.

You can adjust your browser confidentiality settings to block all cookies; However, this could seriously affect your navigation experience within the Startarium website.

Your browser can also allow you to delete all cookies when closing your browser. This option, however, leads to the deletion of persistent cookies that can store your personalized preferences and settings.

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